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Absolutely amazing and authentic Kimchi! Very well packed and labelled. I love the simplicity and all natural ingredients. So much better than store bought! A must buy for every Oriental cuisine lover!

Justine Colangelo

MIYOUNG KIMCHI is just exquisite! Which is so fresh and healthy taste. So glad to know MIYOUNG KIMCHI in UK. Thank you very much.
Thoroughly recommended!

Elise Kye

I cannot say enough of what an amazing job this lady is doing. I am a big “foody” person and enjoy trying new things. Having lived in Reading for more than 20 years now, I constantly complain to my friends on what bland options we have in the area in terms of restaurants/take aways/etc.

Having tried her amazing Kimchi (which I absolutely love following a number of trips to Korea), I went on to try various sauces/etc. - everything was spot on and delicious.

Sergey Revenko